The freedom you will feel within yourself when you let go of what no longer serves you.

Gain insight into how and why you do things and choose yourself with conviction.

Transformation into who you really and in totality are.

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You are at a turning point in your life and you want things to be different than they are now.

This could be burnout related, too much stress, midlife crisis, relationship or family problems, fears, loss, grief, work-life balance and everything in between that makes you feel unwell or makes life difficult or difficult.

In the transformation process in which I guide you, we go deep, to the core of you.

So that you gain INSIGHT into how you work. You will recognize your own patterns, thoughts and feelings and what they actually do to you. FEEL it all the way through so that you can then make OTHER CHOICES regarding your THOUGHTS, then your EMOTIONS follow and you adjust your BEHAVIOR and your REALITY changes. Radical Self Responsibility and action!

That is real freedom.

How I work as a coach

Working with me means all-in, on all levels PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL.

No session or process is the same, everything is personally tailored to you.

Our bond is intimate and based on mutual respect and trust. Sessions are both online and live ‘in person’ on location at my home, in the beautiful surroundings of Schoorl on the edge of the forest, dunes and beach. Our home, where I receive you, will feel like you are stepping into a warm bath in a luxurious retreat center. Everything to make you feel safe, secure and at ease.

Together we look at all aspects of your life and gain insight into how you work and how more relaxation, flow and love can arise. A life the way you want to shape it.

I mirror and use all my tools, knowledge and years of experience as a yoga teacher, pregnancy counselor, lifestyle coach and of course my life experience. I also use Human Design (with your permission) and my Reflector qualities in the sessions.

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How you can work with me:

Oneness traject

6 x one-on-one sessions online or at location (60-75 min) in


4 half-days (3 hours) or 2 days (6 hours) at Schoorl location, including lunch and healthy snacks

Mentoring/confidant via app and telephone contact throughout the entire process

2000 euro

Do the work

10 x one-on-one sessions online or on location in Schoorl (60 min)

850 euro

Human Design

Reading your Human Design Chart with my intuitive Reflector gift (90 min)

150 euro


Transformational Day Retreat on location in Schoorl


Info on the events page

222 euro

If you would like to be coached in a different place, at your home or somewhere where you feel comfortable,
for example in your holiday home, this is also possible in consultation.

For companies I apply business rates.