In my life there have been small and larger traumas/challenges and there have been subsequent trauma responses, survival mechanisms and patterns that form the experience basis for the work I do now. I can relate to many topics, such as an incubator baby, special family situation, divorced parents, pleasing behavior, insecurity, eating disorders, addictions, difficult relationships, abortion, loss of loved ones, perfectionism, compulsion to controlling meganisms, no idea how and what to do with my clairvoyance, what people explained as Julia with a lot of fantasy and I could go on and on.

Despite all this, I have always experienced a feeling of trust and unity, even when I was mentally in a very bad place, but I remained confident and surrendered to life.


If I had had a coach in my younger years who had put me on the right track of self-leadership and RADICAL SELF RESPONSIBILITY…

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My experience with seeing a therapist for an hour a week for a period of time has not changed much in my life. My inner world and my behavior remained the same and so did my reality. I see that in a lot of people.

Only when I started to heal myself on all levels, so not only on a mental level but also on an energetic, spiritual and physical level, and I started to understand, really understand and feel SELF-LEADERSHIP on all levels and actually took ACTION I could make different choices. Choices based on FREEDOM, SELF-LOVE and TRUST in myself, others and the world around me.

That wake-up call, which took me years to achieve, I now give to my clients in a safe environment.

Mirroring of what you are actually doing and how you can shift your reality 180 degrees is one of my natural talents (Reflector in my Human Design). My honesty and own vulnerability plus clairvoyance gift makes this process different and unique.

I believe it’s all about connection and love. Love for yourself, your fellow human beings and everything on earth and in the cosmos. The connectedness of everything, the unity, the ONENESS. It seems like an empty statement, until you really understand and, above all, experience that it is so.

So inside you, so outside in your reality.

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My husband Harmen and I… We have a beautiful family with two fantastic sons and built our own house, which turns out to be an unconscious manifestation of everything I stand for.

While raising our sons, I followed many courses in the field of pregnancy & partner coaching, baby massage, sports and nutrition, detoxing and all kinds of yoga. I have also delved into self-leadership, post-HBO life coaching, energetic massage, dying support and grief coaching and I have attended workshops and retreats all over the world about self-development, spirituality and self-leadership. I have given pregnancy courses, partner coaching and baby massage in Haarlem for 10 years, while I also gave many sports and Pilates lessons. I have had weekly yoga classes and all kinds of workshops in Bergen and Schoorl for 15 years in my beautiful studio while I was walking my spiritual path.

Now I focus entirely on coaching where I can express all my qualities.


That’s what I often get in return.

I wish you a conscious and relaxed life in which you are in the lead.

You are no longer stuck in survival mechanisms, undermining patterns and self-sabotage, but you are free in all aspects of your life.

I go all-in and my clients have the same drive. As a coach, teacher, sparring partner and confidant, I guide you through your process, so that you can see the light again on the other side and feel the freedom within yourself.

Together we look at how more flow, relaxation, authenticity and love can arise in all areas of your life.

And yes, it takes COURAGE, courage to open your heart to yourself and life to see what lies beneath.

The love that flows through me and the genuine feeling of connection gives you the confidence to enter into this process and open up to everything that is available to you in this life and that is much more than you can imagine right now.

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