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Transformational Day Retreat

In-sight In-feeling In-action

A day to gain insight into how you are doing at all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (holistic approach).

Gaining insight into the messages that your body and mind gives you and gaining insight into your blockages, limiting beliefs, fears, unhelpful patterns and behavior.

We will do this by In-feeling on all your layers and then we will see whether we can transform parts so that more space, peace, trust and freedom can arise.

It is important to then also take In-action as soon as you have gained insight, In-feeling and then reshape parts of your life.

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It goes deep and the intention is to transform, because if you always keep doing, feeling and thinking the same, you will always get the same thing again…
I guide you through your processes in a loving, safe environment where everything is welcome.

The day consists of four parts: The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers in which we delve deeply into the matter and then you will experience for yourself what it is like for you. Teachings, self-research, transformative practices, a tailor-made action plan and a delicious healthy lunch, drinks and snacks in my beautiful home in the Schoorl area.

Practical information

Place for 8 brave people.
For more information about the data, please contact me.
Investment in yourself: €222