Create a conscious and relaxed life, in which you are at the helm, free from undermining patterns & obstructive beliefs. You can move with complete freedom, in love and connection with yourself, others and the world around you.

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If I had had a coach in my younger years who had put me on the right track of self-leadership and RADICAL SELF RESPONSIBILITY

My experience with seeing a therapist for an hour a week for a period of time has not changed much in my life. My inner world and my behavior remained the same and so did my reality. I see that in a lot of people.

Only when I started to heal myself on all levels, so not only on a mental level but also on an energetic, spiritual and physical level and I started to understand, really understand and FEEL SELF-LEADERSHIP on all levels and actually took ACTION on this, could I make other choices. Choices based on FREEDOM, SELF-LOVE and TRUST in myself, others and the world around me.

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So inside you, so outside in your reality. We are one… I believe in the connectedness of everything, the ONENESS. That seems like an empty statement until you understand it in your being and experience that it really works that way. Your life is a direct reflection of your inner world, so if you start working on that, your reality will also change for the better.

In my coaching I guide you lovingly and with respect for who you are to a life where you are at the helm, free from undermining patterns and limiting beliefs and where you discover freedom, relaxation and stability within yourself and therefore also in your life. will experience.